Art Gift Cards for a More Personalized, Creative & Unique Gift


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art gift cards are the creative way to go! customized cards from Robert Leedy Watercolors.


Why go with the usual boring gift cards like the ubiquitous ones from Target, Home Depot, Amazon, Carrabba’s, Best Buy, iTunes, Walmart, etc.? And besides – you gave the same ones last year! And the year before that!

I am offering customized gift cards for paintings, commissioned works, group classes and private instruction.

The gift card itself is an original watercolor by Robert Leedy.

Here are some ideas:

Gift an amount towards the purchase (or the entire amount) of an original watercolor. In increments of $100 starting at $200.

Gift a commissioned work. In increments of $100 starting at $500.

Gift a 6 or 7 week Robert Leedy watercolor class at The Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach, Reddi-Arts, or the Leedy Studio in the CoRK Arts District. Prices run between $195 – $225 depending on location and duration.

Gift 3 hours of private watercolor instruction at the Leedy Studio at CoRK, $150.

Or gift a day of plein air watercolor painting with Robert Leedy, $300 (group rates available.)

I will be in my studio at CoRK this Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. Message me for my mobile phone # as the CoRK doors are locked and available by appointment only. Come by and we’ll discuss some ideas and put a little CREATIVITY back into your gift cards!


My gift cards are also available for purchase from out of town. Message me  for the online link.


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