“Splash 14: Light & Color” – The Best of Watercolor – Released!

Florida Watercolorist, Robert Leedy, is featured in the most recent edition of "Splash", a collection of some of the world's best contemporary watercolorists and their works.

Cover shot of “Splash 14: Light & Color” – The Best of Watercolor, edited by Rachel Rubin Wolf and published by North Light Books.

I was thrilled when Sarah Laichas, a Senior Editor at North Light Books, told me my painting, “Ocean & Ahern” was chosen to be included in “Splash 14: Color & Light” – The Best of Watercolor. Splash is an annual publication edited by Rachel Rubin Wolf that  is a collection of the best of contemporary watercolor painting. An extra bonus was that my painting is a double spread image leading off Chapter 7: Landscape View! I guess this is a bit of fair consolation to the large number seven smack dab in the lower corner of my image…

I am honored to be hanging with 105 other artists chosen from more than 1,500 entries.

The book is a gorgeous assemblage of watercolors from around the world. Many styles, many subjects, lots of inspiration!

Here is an excerpt from the inside jacket:

“It starts with a sparkle of light, the expressive way a shadow maps out a face, the almost other-worldly luminosity of roses on an overcast day.  These are the moments, often brief and unexpected, that turn ordinary subjects into powerful inspiration, and – when handled with skill and originality – a painting into a masterpiece.

The magical moments featured in Splash 14 evoke the very essence of watercolor – light and color. More than 120 brilliant paintings are accompanied by generous insights from the artists. Find out how they captured lyrical light effects, quiet moods, lively shadows, and incredible subtleties or shouts of color.

In keeping with the Splash tradition, this volume celebrates the heart, spirit and innovation of contemporary watercolor. It promises hours of enjoyment and intrigue for artists and art-enthusiasts alike.”

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View a video of the painting in progress and read more about the work – CLICK HERE

yes, the original painting is still available.

from a very limited edition of 20.

"Ocean & Ahern", by Robert Leedy, one of the many watercolors featured in "Splash 14: Color & Light"

“Ocean & Ahern”, by Robert Leedy, page 100 – 101, “Splash 14: Color & Light”

page 102, "Splash 14: Color & Light"

page 102, “Splash 14: Color & Light”

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