“South & Strand” – Value Foundations for a New Painting

"South & Strand", by Robert Leedy, watercolor on Fabriano Artistico 140 lb. Soft Press paper, 18.5" x 28.25".

I’m in the studio today starting a new painting. Sometimes the watercolor muses are sitting on your shoulder and cheering you on. They’re certainly here this morning!

This painting is far from finished but I have a good start as I lay in the value foundation which will establish a unifying pattern throughout the painting. “Laying down the rhythm section,” as my musician friend, Rick Ervin might say.  From here, I will push & pull planes and add more local color to establish shapes and objects. The danger is losing the freshness I have here. This painting has good bones and I probably won’t push it as far – just define it a bit more.

This is how watercolors are supposed to start!

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