“Beach & 6th Street”

“Beach & 6th Street”, by Robert Leedy, watercolor on Arches 300 lb. Cold Press paper, 19″ x 29″.

Here is another painting that is part of the “Beach Access” series I am working on.

The location is the oceanside community of Atlantic Beach, Florida. The cul-du-sac as many call it. Though most of my scouting adventures for this series occur in early morning, I was struck by the quaint and peaceful sight of this oceanfront residence as I happened upon it at sunrise. The beautiful sight of a bright ball of color emerging from a relatively cloudy horizon is normally an attention-getter and it caught mine as I walked north on Beach Avenue. The sky’s warmer colors are still cool -relatively speaking –  and counter balance the coolness of the silhouetted shapes of the middle and foreground. The scene really speaks of morning: sunrise over a quiet and calm ocean, a house receiving the first colors of early light, sprinklers quietly running in the background and a lone figure perhaps pondering the ocean before them. I mean, the only thing missing is a freshly delivered morning newspaper on the dew-spritzed St. Augustine grass! There is a peacefulness that comes through the painting which those of us who get up before dawn can certainly relate to.

 Be sure to see Robert’s “Beach Access” paintings July 18th thru August 12th, 2011 at Archway Gallery & Framing

363 Atlantic Boulevard

Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233

(904) 249-2222

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