“Lou’s Coconut”

“Lou’s Coconut”,
by Robert Leedy, 2010,
watercolor sketch

A little morning painting exercise while I had my cafe con leche Puertorriqueño on the porch. It was a beautiful morning. A good, hard rain at dawn had cooled things down and you would have never known it had rained except that the morning air was so fresh. My painting buddy was not up yet and I was greasing the palette, dusting off the paper, limbering up the old joints, and getting the paints and brushes wet and ready for a full day of painting.

The changos were already collecting on the railing and I threw them some leftover bread as they sang and eyed my tubes of paint as potential food. Otherwise, all was quiet except for the faint noise of a man mowing the yard with a weedeater which didn’t distract me in the least. Mary was already up and writing in her journal. “Lou is going to be so jealous that you painted his coconut before he did,” she smiled.

I finished the sketch and started on another painting. Lou groggily wandered out onto the porch and saw what I had done. “Oh man!” he said with a big grin, “I can’t believe you already painted my coconut!” I think he was pretending to be jealous.

But I knew deep down inside, he was proud his coconut had garnered attention as a worthy subject matter!

A Chango. Also known as a Boat-tailed Grackle. This ubiquitous little bird is quite comical to watch and will fly off with anything that's not nailed down. They seem to have an unending repertoire of strange calls. I usually leave out bread & small pieces of fruit in return for their non-stop entertainment. PHOTO: Robert Leedy

and now Lou’s version…

“Lou’s Coconut”,
by Lou Posner, 2010,
Colored pencils on paper

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