Maine: Mainely pour Vacance


"Mainely for Vacation", by Robert Leedy, 2008, watercolor on Arches 140 lb. Hot Press paper

"Mainely for Vacation", by Robert Leedy, 2008, watercolor on Arches 140 lb. Hot Press paper, 22" x 15.5"


We finally got our rain that was evading all of the weather forecasts. It started a bit Wednesday night but then miraculously stopped Thursday in order for us to paint. It resumed last night (Thursday) and as I sit in the bookstore downtown having coffee this morning, it is raining pretty hard. Looks like painting is out for this morning…

Thursday was a good day. We got a late start and painted once again at Bob’s place on Marshall Point. I began a drawing of a neighboring house which had a great architectural feel to it.  It is one of those dark red houses that you see so much of up here. David’s assistant, Christy Gallagher, also chose it as a subject matter and we discussed how it had a sort of mysterious air about it. Christy did a terrific painting of it. There were several of us painting and it was probably a good thing that the house is a vacation home and no one seemed to be there at the time.

I went to lunch at The Dip Net in Port Clyde and got that out of the way. I got a late start with my painting but there would be no interruptions until quitting time. Fairly late into my drawing, I realized I had not allowed the space that I originally intended; I did not want to correct the drawing as I only had a few hours to paint. I went for a loose, carefree, painting playing with complementary colors, simple shapes, and varying intensities of color.  I was dangerously treading on a cliff there for a while until I saw that I would pull it off successfully.

Although it was a fairly humid day and I was painting on Arches Hot Press paper – a relatively absorbent paper – I almost could have worked with Cold Press which dries slower. But the Hot Press does make a good surface for loose, fast painting as I was doing. 

This painting is finished. I may go back in and punch up small bits of color. 

I am quite happy with this one…

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