Maine: Tuesday’s Child

“Marshall Point, Maine”, by Robert Leedy, 2008, watercolor on Arches 140 lb. Cold Press paper,
14.5″ x 10.5″


David’s friend, Bob, is an artist who has a terrific place out on Marshall Point near Port Clyde, Maine. Bob will be painting with us in the second week and had offered the use of his studio and property which has a wonderful view of Mosquito Island and Penobscot Bay.

The trees and shadow areas create a framework for the painting. Whites were retained to give it a sense of light. 

I was very focused on this painting. When I arrived at Bob’s that morning, I noticed a few deer flies; thankfully, I had some Agent Orange with me which I sprayed in my hat and all over my exposed skin. Unfortunately, my attention on the painting was so intense that I forgot about the tube of sun block in my pants pocket and I got a nice Maine sunburn as a result.

But, hey, I can’t leave Maine without brown arms, a brown neck, and a white torso, can I ?

I won’t leave without some good paintings either!




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