“Buster, the Slew-Foot Earl of Madison Square”

“Buster”, photo by Robert Leedy 
“Buster”, photo by Robert Leedy, March 2008,
Madison Square, Savannah, Georgia

I was scouting painting locations on a weekend trip to Savannah as we walked through some of Savannah’s beautiful squares and happened upon this cute guy named Buster. Whenever I travel without my dogs, I miss them terribly. Buster was a reminder of my boys back home and he was looking at me like he wanted his photo taken. Buster is a rescue dog and is part Corgi, part Jack Russell Terrier – and probably more…

So, with his owner’s permission, I photographed Buster. He stood perfectly still and gave me this very regal look.   I thought Tico, my Long-Haired Dachshund, was extremely slew-footed but I believe Buster has him beat. Buster looks almost like he sports a handlebar mustache. And check out those marvelous eye lashes! What a cute little fellow!   

If anyone in Savannah knows Buster, show this photo to his owner!  



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