“Denver Figure Series I”

“Figure I”. by Robert Leedy, 2005, acrylic on canvas, Collection of the Artist
“Denver Figure Series I”,
by Robert Leedy, 2005,
acrylic on gallery wrap canvas,
16″ x 12″
Collection of the Artist

In the spring of 2005, I atended a figure drawing class at The Art Students’ League of Denver. The class was taught by John Lencicki and ran several weeks. We normally had a different live model each week and we completed at least one finished painting per session. It was fun painting figures again.

In this first painting, I like some of the varied colors I got in the model’s back. There was a lot of reflective light and colors from his surroundings were reflecting in his skin.

In figure drawing and painting, negative space often takes on more importance. Look at the negative spaces formed by the model’s arms and torso: They both draw the viewer’s eye which almost seems to create the form of the model’s back; the right side especially so with the help of the contrasting, flooded light on the model’s left leg – your eye goes right to it.

The background easels were painted simply and almost abstractly so as not to take away from the figure itself.

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