“October Gondola”

“October Gondola”, photograph by Robert Leedy, 2003
“October Gondola”,
photograph by Robert Leedy, 2003

A few years back, Vicky & I were in Venice. I just ran across the above photo I took.

Sal, a friend we met while there (he took the il Chiostro photography workshop with Harvey Stein – as Vicky did) inspired me with his out-of-focus / blurred images he made during the workshop. They showed a lot of movement as well as transitional states.

One evening, a gondola passed under a bridge I was walking over. I intentionally dropped the shutter speed down really low and held the camera as steadily as I could and snapped the image before me. The result was quite interesting. The compostion is stark, bold and dynamic; the colors wonderfully rich. I like how the tiny reflection of light is in focus while the large, boat image shows colorful movement.

This is on my list of paintings to do: a large, abstract, over-sized painting on canvas based on the same image.

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