“Eyes Wide Shut”


Our voting procedures need serious scrutiny. Today I entered my local polling station and when asked for an ID, I plopped down my Georgia driver’s license – the one with my photo covered up by the red tape (no bureaucratic pun intended). Two elderly African American women sat side by side; one of them looked at my ID and said, “My goodness, what kind of ID is this? I haven’t ever seen one of these….”

She handed it over to her fellow poll worker who smiled and said, “It’s a Georgia driver’s license with his photo covered up! This is a first for me! I am going to have to remember you, Mr. Leedy….this is good…. no one has come in and done this yet…you’re a first ! ”

Me: “Yes, it is my expression of my dissatisfaction with the current laws not requiring legal photo ID’s.”

“I’m used to looking at whether or not people smiled when they had their picture taken; Ain’t no tellin’ with yours!” She chuckled and then began giving me instructions on how to proceed with voting.

“You mean, this ID is OK?” I asked.

“Fine by me,” she responded with a big smile.

“I do have back up forms of ID: a gas bill, an insurance statement….”

“No, that’s OK, Mr. Leedy, you have yourself a nice day, OK?”


OK, so I voted. Then I thought about Vicky’s wasted vote – she was traveling early this morning and opted to pack for her trip rather than scoot down to the corner church and register her vote. I thought about how easy it would be to get a woman to pose as Vicky with a simple utility bill in her name and vote according to my agenda. Then I realized that the person I had in mind was at too much risk for my experiment which was not to simply cast a vote – but to cast a vote then knowingly admit it to authorities. Even though we would be acting as watchdog whistle blowers, avoiding felony charges was not guaranteed.

But that is all it took. A simple little utility bill. I could go through your trash and retrieve such an item and head down to the polls before you did….

And you might not be happy with how I vote!

I called the Marietta Daily Journal to report my peculiar voting experience. Although, I spoke to them about it tongue-in-cheek, I was amazed that the reporter admitted she was not aware of the ID requirements. It didn’t seem like such a big deal (maybe it’s really not) and she took my contact info down and asked if her editor could call me later. I never heard from him.

Do you know that eight of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers were registered voters in the United States? These were not legal citizens – they managed to register to vote through their driver’s license applications.

This only gives you an idea of how many illegal aliens are of current legal voting status. For you Democrats, it’s more bodies in your favor….

This may be fine by Nancy Pelosi but it really pisses me off !

Robert Leedy
Paralyzed Watchdog,
Georgia Congessional District 11

[November 2007 Update:] Georgia law now requires voters to present a valid photo ID before casting their votes. It’s about time!

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