“Remembering 9/11”

I was driving back home from some errands this afternoon when I saw the 3,000 flags the Marietta Kiwanis Club had set up at The Kennesaw National Battlefield in memory of the victims of 9/11. It was an awesome sight. I rushed home, got my camera, and headed back out there to see them up close. Vicky drove up as I was leaving so she went with me.

It was a beautiful sight from afar and the bright red, white & blue colors against the park’s green landscape made for a cheery vista; once up close and inside the perimeter of the flags, the mood was very somber and emotional. You got a strong visual of the impact of 3,000 innocent American lives taken. I passed a woman carrying a small baby in her arms; she had tears streaming down her face and she almost couldn’t control her sobbing. It was tough to see that.

I understand the site will later host a ceremony with Governor Perdue speaking, bagpipes, a Navy flyover, and a twenty one gun salute.

I caught some of the televised ceremonies earlier today. An image that stuck with me was Wynton Marsalis’ trumpet tribute in New York at Ground Zero. He was quite emotional but was able to belt out the notes with style.

Another anniversary of 9/11 has passed. I’m sure we as a nation will never forget.

Here are some of the images I captured:

Robert Leedy

Kennesaw Battlefield, September 11th 2006, photo A

Kennesaw Battlefield, September 11th 2006, photo B

Kennesaw Battlefield, September 11th 2006, photo C
“Remembering 9/11”, all photos by Robert Leedy, 2006

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