“Squeaker Cove, Monhegan, Maine”

“Squeaker Cove, Monhegan, Maine”, by Robert Leedy, watercolor on Arches 140 lb Cold Press paper, 18.25 x 12.75 in.,
“Squeaker Cove, Monhegan, Maine”,
by Robert Leedy, 2004,
watercolor on Arches 140 lb Cold Press paper,
18.25 x 12.75 in.,
Collection of the Artist

I went with some artist friends for a long weekend visit to Monhegan which is a fascinating rocky little island an hour’s ferry ride off the coast of Maine from Port Clyde. The population is somewhere under 75 residents and there are no vehicles or paved roads. Much of the island is protected wilderness with many trails that lead to some pretty incredible views. Smoking is not allowed outside of the island’s village area.

Monhegan is home for many artists and the island has a history of attracting them – names like Rockwell Kent, Winslow Homer, Robert Henri, Edward Hopper, the Wyeths, and more. On any given summer day, one is sure to find an artist painting en plein aire…

“Squeaker Cove, Monhegan, Maine” was painted on location. It’s a fairly good hike from the main village. It was tricky hauling painting gear over the rocky coastline and even trickier setting up an easel on those rocks.

The late afternoon light cast a warm pinkish glow on the shoreline rocks. To add a bit of interest to the scene and make a good story, I painted my own cast shadow into the composition.

Oddly enough, Monhegan reminded me of the island of St. John – during my days of living in the US Virgin Islands. I am not sure what triggered this feeling – whether it was the small island community thing or the island lifestyle or what…But I’m sure if I ever experienced Monhegan during the winter, I would change my mind on this.

Monhegan Island is a place everyone should visit.

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