“Maine Update: Miller’s Lobster Pound”

“Miller’s Lobster Pound”
“Miller’s Lobster Pound”, by Robert Leedy, 2004
watercolor on Arches Hot Press paper
Collection of Mr. James F. Smathers & Judy Howell

an email / update I sent out while at David Dewey’s workshop in Maine.

One of my favorite places to eat up here is a little shack on the water in the semi-wilderness of Clark Island called, “Miller’s Lobster Pound”. It is a bring-your-own-wine, picnic table kind of place. The only thing on the menu is fresh boiled lobster served up with potato salad, fresh corn on the cob and cole slaw – oh yes – not to forget the bag of Lay’s Potato Chips…

The setting is absolutely beautiful and you look out at a pristine bay dotted with jagged pine treed islets and craggly rocks. Boats are moored throughout the bay. In the late afternoon (on the right days) the light is incredible. Enjoy it quickly because as the sun sets, the mosquitoes feast.

The place is on a working fishing dock and the smell of briny salty air and bait fish in the background is a real treat for this mile-high cowboy. Today it rained and we met under the covered roof of Miller’s to watch a morning painting demonstration by David Dewey. The plan for the rest of the day was to hopefully wait out the rain; start a painting; break for lunch (at Miller’s, of course) while waiting for washes to dry; and resume painting for a five’ o clock critique.

I finished two good paintings today. We thought we had the entire place to ourselves. But people were braving the chilly, wet weather to come eat lobster at Miller’s. Still, the crowd was definitely off for their normal lunchtime business. A little after noon, a white Cadillac Esplanade with Pennsylvania license plates pulled up into the parking lot. Some of the people came over to look at my painting but I was so focused, I paid them no attention. I did not see them – I only sensed their presence. They watched for a few moments and then left to order lunch and secure a picnic table.

David came over and was talking to me about the painting I was working on. He asked if I was going to stop for lunch and mentioned that Andrew Wyeth was in the restaurant. Ah yes – the Pennsylvania tag – that must have been his….

I went to order a lobster roll and went to get a look at the old gent. He was in a far corner with a table full of women. He is a reputed ladies’ man but these babes were all 65 +. They were all laughing and having a good time. He had his back to the rest of the restaurant and was wearing a faded purple parka (it was a bit chilly out today.) He turned his head and I recognized the tanned, weather-beaten face. It was him alright.

Now I am wondering if he was one of the ones looking at my painting…. I’ll never know….

The weather promises to be good tomorrow and I have another full day of productive painting. I have not had time to photograph anything but probably will as the weekend rolls along….


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