“Monica Laird’s Portrait of Vicky”

Vicky reading while we painted…
“Harry Potter on the Loire”, a portrait of Vicky Pagán-Leedy
“Harry Potter on the Loire”,
a portrait of Vicky Pagán-Leedy
Mixed Media Drawing
by Monica Linville Laird
Chinon, France
August 15, 2003

Gary Ahrens, Monica Laird, and I painted along the banks of the Vienne River at Chinon on a warm, hazy day in August of 2003. All of the French were at the beach for their summer vacance and the little village was very sleepy. Vicky read a Harry Potter novel and looked so relaxed every time I looked over my shoulder to check on her. Although she enjoys those Harry Potter stories, I had a strong feeling she may have nodded off from time to time behind her dark sunglasses. It was one of those pleasant lazy days and amazingly quiet. We all worked without hardly saying a word. Monica did this fun drawing of Vicky which really captured her mood that day. Back in Paris several days later, the awful, record-breaking heat wave hit Paris and we took turns soaking in cold bath water during those sleepless nights in our Parisian apartment with no air conditioning.

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