Dear all,
Vicky & I are in London. I am sitting in Cafe Nero near Picadilly Circus sipping a latte and surfing the Internet (on my own laptop, sans cables) via Surf & Sip Wi-Fi ! This is definitely cool! We will be here for a week so I got a seven day membership.

We are staying at the Hotel Intercontinental in Hyde Park – across from Buckingham Palace. Last night we ate at a pretty cool Japanese restaurant – Nobu – which seems to be a hotspot with the trendy crowd. In classic Griswald style, Vicky was the only person in the restaurant stumbling with her chopsticks and I was busy spilling wasabi sauce all over myself.., As Vicky says, the intimidation factor is only half-fold: at least here we can speak the language fluently.

Weather in London was rainy last night but the sun is trying to sneak out this morning. There is a huge Gay Pride rally in Hyde Park this weekend. When the taxi driver told us, I wanted to say, “30,000 PEOPLE! WHERE are they all coming from? THE CLOSET?”

As soon as I download my email, I am headed back to the hotel and we will go to the Tate Modem to look at art work.

Well, Honey Bunny wants her Atkins bacon & eggs, so I need to rush back before hotel breakfast cuts off…


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