“A Teaser for a Testy American”

“Monsieur Leedy?”

“Oui!” With that I jumped out of my chair and rushed to the front of the room. My palms were sweaty. I gave her the electronic hand-held remote-like gadget. She plugged it into a laptop computer on the desk.

“Sept. Vous avez recalé l’exam.” (Seven. You failed the exam.)

Seven wrong. Merd! (I didn’t say it, I only thought it…)

There were ten of us taking the test this morning. Only one passed. Thirty-five correct answers out of forty questions is required to pass.
The guy who passed was an intelligent expat American businessman taking the test for his fifth time. He was all smiles and you could clearly see the relief.

This is one of the most difficult tests I have ever taken.

OK, you ask:
Am I applying to the popular French prime time TV show, “Qui Veut Gagner des Millions?”


Am I taking the test to become a Realtor in Paris?


Am I taking the entrance exam to the School Of Philosophy at The Sorbonne?

No again.

I am trying to pass the frigging written test for a French Driver’s License!
And I hear the actual driving test is more difficult. But the license is for life.
Even if and when Vicky & I come back here on our 50th wedding anniversary, I’ll be legal to drive!

That is, if I ever pass the test…

(STAY TUNED!! This will be continued. Consider this the teaser. I won’t be taking the test again until we return from Puerto Rico & Florida in July. But I am taking notes and have tons of good material for a story. Vicky will start the course for the written part (the code, as they call it) at that time. I can see that she is already nervous just watching me. She has even picked up the driver’s manual and is browsing through it when I don’t have my nose glued to it. I hadn’t planned on extra reading material for the trip to Puerto Rico – but now it looks like my bag will be a little heavier…)

Robert Leedy
191, rue de l’Université
75007 Paris

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