“Under Paris Skies”

As Mr. Rogers would say, “It’s a beautiful day in the quartier [KAR-tee-yay]…”

Paris is so wonderful right now. The weather is almost picture perfect and there’s definitely something in the air. You can see this especially in the sidewalk cafés: they’re teeming with life – patrons who are more than ready to celebrate the warm weather and café owners who are equally more than willing to stretch their boundaries out to the street with their tables and chairs. Every night Vicky & I see our little neighborhood cafés packed with people having an aperitif, perhaps a coffee or tea or maybe dining al fresco. The common motive is to secure a great table, meet up with friends, and watch the world go by…

The light here is absolutely fantastic ! In the Caribbean I was so struck by the clarity and blueness of the Caribbean sky; here the light is constantly changing and visual surprises occur hourly !

The days are getting longer and nowhere have I seen this more evident.

You are surprised by all of the glass windows that magically disappear. So many bistros, brasseries, cafés & tabacs are now suddenly open-air.

I guess it’s payback from having to endure such a harsh winter. But I have spent harsher winters in Evansville, Indiana. Shit, I’ve even spent harsher winters in Jacksonville, Florida !

And the atmosphere seems so much friendlier. Vicky & I are starting to recognize our neighbors in cafés and restaurants. And more importantly, they are starting to recognize us ! And with a smile and a bon sois…

Our favorite little Italian restaurant is only steps away from our door (probably why it’s our favorite). The owners are both Italian – as well as the staff – and they amicably correct our bad French with the correct, corresponding Italian words – with a mutual laugh or two… And because we have talked to them about things Argentino, I think they believe Vicky is Argentine and constantly remind us of Italy vs. Argentina in the World Cup.

Our theory was that all nice people in Europe are from the southern areas. In other words, the further south you go, and the warmer the climate, the friendlier the people.

But the Parisians are pushing against this theory. At least for the upcoming summer, anyway.

Vicky claims May is the best time to visit Paris. This is when she has the most free days – holidays – many of which we have NO idea WHO or WHAT the celebration is for…

And I see it as a time to catch everyone in a good mood – before the summer onslaught of tourists when the French remember…..

that they are French.

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