“My Letter to Associazione di Pubblica Assistenza di Siena”

August 20, 1993

Associazione di Pubblica Assistenza di Siena
Siena, Italia

Dear Sirs:

I must thank you very much for treating and taking care of my wife, Vicky Pagán, after she fainted the afternoon of the Palio on August 16th, 1993. Earlier on, we watched your group quickly pull many other victims from the crowd and I must commend you on the excellent job you did of handling a crowd of that size.

Thanks to your high level of professionalism and friendly courtesy, my wife felt secure and at much more ease in a somewhat embarrassing situation for her.

We loved your wonderful city, its warm, friendly people and the magnificent glory and excitement of the Palio. Your organization added one more positive aspect to our very enjoyable visit.

With great respect and thanks again!

Robert Leedy
Brussels, Belgium

P.s. – I also got some great photos from your station in front of the Capella di Piazza!

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