You must put the Italian city of Pienza on your bucket list during your next visit to Tuscany. It’s a delightful and beautiful, small, walled town devoid of crowds of tourists. It’s architecture is notable and it has a spectacular view of the Orcia Valley and Mount Amiata, an extinct volcano. It is also the […]

The Highway Oasis Beckons

a magical little pond in the middle of one of Jacksonville’s busiest highway interchanges.


Robert Leedy in Southlight Gallery“If I’m not painting, I’m typing.”

I began writing to combat creative block. It worked. What started as morning journals later developed into a secondary means of self-expression. Most of these selected writings were inspired by some event (usually humorous) during our travels abroad. Most are taken from emails I sent out frequently to a small audience (or, “fan base”, as I like to think.) These were not intended to be “serious” works; most were intended as a sort of log of our “adventures” and a means of keeping up with friends and family.

Many of these entries fall off the WordPress map as they go back a little further in time. I posted them with their original dates when I re-posted to WordPress, so they will not all show up in the archives’ listings but if you browse the categories, they are linkable by topic.

You may wonder about the frequent reference to the name, ‘Griswald’; this is the name Vicky & I jokingly gave ourselves as sort of ambassadors representing the notion of bumbling, culturally devoid, fashionly clueless, Americans in a foreign country.

I hope you enjoy what you see and read…

– Robert Leedy
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