“A Great Lesson In Trust, Patience and Humility” (Part 7 of 7)

I look back down at the newspaper and read another one of those sickening ‘human interest’ Thanksgiving stories that are supposed to be cute and pertain to the day: A man is arrested in a small town for shooting a woman’s pet turkey, named Buster, or something like that. He claims it was in self-defense, as the bird was attacking him. An investigation is under way by the local police department…a story for sure to get a lot of chuckles on Thanksgiving morning as the family is gathered around the kitchen table as Dad reads the article out loud.

Poor Buster. And poor Papo.

I put the newspaper down and realize how superficial, shallow, and plastic it all is on this Thanksgiving Day. But, maybe it has been like this every year and it’s only now that I realize it, or give it much thought, shall I say…I don’t need anyone telling me what, why, when, where, or who to be thankful for, how to behave, when to laugh, when to cry, when to pray, where to shop, when to shop, what to watch, when to watch it, what to eat, how to cook, how to dress, what to decorate, how to decorate it, how to cope, how to deal, what gifts to buy, who to buy for, who not to buy for, how much to spend, how to save, where to eat, what to serve, when to serve, and WHICH WINE TO SERVE IT WlTH!!

The newspaper is all bullshit this morning but I hope I don’t have to tell you that and I certainly hope you don’t have to listen to me…

It’s Thanksgiving morning – a little after 7:30. I can already smell turkeys cooking in our little neighborhood. I’m the only one up in this household. Later today, we will go to Vicky’s father’s house for a big Thanksgiving dinner. But me, I’ve already celebrated Thanksgiving Day and I’ve done it without eating one single bite of turkey [not that I’m a vegetarian this year…I will eat some later, though, that’s for sure. ] Yes, I’ve thought about all that I am thankful for:

First of all. I am thankful for my Creator, my life – without I wouldn’t have all of these wonderful things to be thankful for!

I am thankful for my loving wife and of her daily unending love, happiness and support, plus all of her hugs and kisses, patience, backscratches, homemade waffles, and laughter at my stupid jokes and stories,
I am thankful for my wonderful extended family and all of their love, happiness, support and well-being
I am thankful for my home and any feeling of homesickness I may experience
I am thankful for my friends, be they dear ones or simple acquaintances
I am thankful for my health, my mind and body free of disease or defect
I am thankful for my ability to see, hear, touch, smell, taste to read, write, talk, watch, listen, to learn, think, reason, wonder, dream, to create, to draw, to paint, to communicate, to share, to enjoy to love, laugh, cry
I am thankful for a world filled with the wonders and joys of nature and the pleasure of experiencing it through all of my physical and mental abilities
I am thankful for the many good, great, and positive creations and discovelies of man
I am thankful for my country, my freedom, my liberty, my security, and my unalienable rights
I am thankful for the sea, the forrests, the birds, the coquis, and all the creatures
I am thankful for Oreo, her companionship and humor, our travels together, and my fond memories and stories of her
I am also thankful for so many other good memories, avocados and tomatoes, the many great places in the world to visit and explore, strong coffee, a good book, good surf, orange blossoms, jazz, rock, country, blues, and the classics, great art museums, sunny beaches, buttered almond ice cream, Pthalo blue, and CNN

I am especially thankful for my happiness, largely a result of most of the above.

And yes, I am even thankful for Papo who brought my camera back to me. It may have cost me, but I learned a little more about life, my fellow man, myself and all that I have that I should be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving.





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